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Hodo Foods

Hodo Foods

Hodo is an organic plant-based foods company based in Oakland, CA. Founded in 2004, Hodo is the largest artisan tofu maker and only producer of fresh, organic yuba in the United States. Hodo’s specialties are an excellent source of protein, ready-to-eat, USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and 100% delicious.

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Sean Russell and Alba Chang interview Hodo Foods founder, Minh Tsai. Full EXPO access is available to Community and Advocate members.

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Where to Find Hodo Foods

The Fresh Market
Whole Foods


W: hodofoods.com
E: [email protected]

Founded: 2004
Founder & CEO: Minh Tsai
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Parent Company: Hodo Foods
Status: Sponsor

Hodo Foods

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