Vegan Doctors

A listing of doctors from around the globe and South Florida.

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Angie Sadeghi M.D.
Angie Sadeghi M.D.
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Michael Klaper, MD
Michael Klaper, MD
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Neal Barnard, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
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Joel Kahn, MD
Joel Kahn, MD
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Aaron Spitz M.D.
Aaron Spitz M.D.
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Mari Mitrani M.D.
Mari Mitrani M.D.
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Dr. Sam Rassoul
Dr. Sam Rassoul
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Leon Mellman DC
Leon Mellman DC

Vegan Doctors in South Florida


  • Lidie Lajoie (Aventura) – Dr. Lajoie received both her medical degree and masters of science in human nutrition from Columbia University in New York. She is board-certified in general surgery and vascular surgery.


  • Jamie Ghitelman (Cardiologist) – Dr Jaime Ghitelman is a successful physician board certified in Cardiovascular Diseases, Interventional Cardiology and Vascular Medicine. 


  • Vanessa Mendez (Gastroenterologist) Vanessa Mendez, MD. A Gastroenterologist specializing in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Nutrition; advocating whole food, plant-based nutrition for optimal health. 


  • Gabriela Cora (Doctor, MD) – Dr. Gaby Cora is president of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute. She’s a leadership consultant, executive coach, licensed medical doctor in New York and Florida, and board-certified psychiatrist with an MBA.
  • Shaina Duvall (Registered Dietitian) – Shaina is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist working virtually and in the Miami, FL area.
  • Jacque Tarlton (Holistic Nutritionist) – Jacque Tarlton, Certified Wellcoach® & Plant Based Nutrition Expert, is passionate about improving health through fabulous, fun, and scientifically proven lifestyle changes. 
  • Irene Belaga (Psychologist) – Irene Belaga, Ph.D. is a FL and NY licensed Clinical Psychologist, certified Yoga Teacher and Hippocrates Institute Health Educator. Dr. Belaga recognizes the power of organic plant-based foods for improving brain function and immunity.
  • Teshamae Monteith (Neurology) Dr. Teshamae Monteith is a neurologist in Miami, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including University of Miami Hospital and Clinics-Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and University of Miami Hospital and Clinics-UHealth Tower.
  • Juan Luis Calisto (Surgeon) – Dr. Juan Calisto is a pediatric surgeon within the Division of Pediatric Surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. 
  • Judith Lubin (Dentist) – Offers high quality general and cosmetic dentistry services for your family at affordable rates for experiencing the best smile in life.
  • Nick Borja (Surgeon)  – Dr. Nick Borja focuses on preventing cancer and other chronic diseases through evidence-based lifestyle modification. His preventive medicine practice guides clients to make simple, impactful changes and reach their best health. To that end, Dr. Borja offers one-on-one counseling, community walks, interactive cooking demonstrations, and more.
  • Nicole Rodriguez (Registered Dietitian) – Nicole Rodriguez RDN is a plant-based Registered Dietitian helping her community by encouraging the consumption of a plant-based diet to alleviate dis-eases often caused by excess acidity in the body.
  • Natalie Castro (Registered Dietitian) Natalie Castro-Romero is the Chief Wellness Dietitian for corporate wellness at Baptist Health South Florida.

North Miami

  • Jakes Lessor (Dentist) – Dr. Ivanov specializes in quality dental braces & invisalign. 
  • Dawn Reilly (Psychologist) – Dr. Reilly holds BS, MA, MS, and PsyD degrees in counseling and clinical psychology. 
  • Doyle R. Campbell (Internal Medicine) – Plant-based; Has eCornell certificate in plant-based nutrition
  • Deborah Kuiper-Thomas (Physician Assistant) – Deborah Kuiper-Tomas, PA-C, MMS, has been practicing for the last 16 Years in primary care. She believes that a plant-based diet could be the best treatment for chronic disease, and for prevention as well.
  • Tatiana Pestana (Internal Medicine) – Tatiana A. Pestana, MD, MPH is a community physician who practices internal medicine and pediatrics.
  • Don Fisher (Fort Lauderdale) – Dr. Don Fisher is the founder and medical director of The BEST Program, Inc which is South Florida’s premier anti-aging medical clinic specializing in hormone replacement therapies, IV nutrition, Whole Food Plant-based counseling, Exercise and Lifestyle modification for prevention of chronic disease and health maintenance.
  • Lilliam Garcia (Internal Medicine) – Dr. Lilliam M Garcia is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She graduated with honors in 2001.
  • Hector DiCarlo (Family Medicine) – Dr. Hector Di Carlo is a Vegan family medicine doctor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Broward Health Imperial Point and Broward Health Medical Center. 
  • Eduardo Locatelli (Family Medicine) – Dr. Locatelli is Director of Neuroscience and Chief Medical Information Officer at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, a member of Catholic Health East, serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.
  • Frank Sabatino (Chiropractor) – Dr. Frank Sabatino is the Health Director of Balance for Life Florida and is a Chiropractic physician who also has a Ph.D. in cell biology and neuroendocrinology from the Emory University School of Medicine.
  • Joshua Gothelf (Physician Assistant) – Joshua Gothelf, PA-C opened The Ark Wellness Center to help people transform their health by getting to the root cause of their weight issues and chronic illness.

Boca Raton

  • Darci Kingry (Nutrition Education) – Certified master weight loss coach and integrative nutrition health coach. 
  • Lewis Semel (Internal Medicine) – Dr. Semel helps patients achieve optimal health using a whole food plant-based diet, exercise, lifestyle counseling and a combination of conventional medicine with natural and alternative therapies.
  • Robert Heller (Psychologist) – Dr. Robert Heller is a licensed psychologist and certified diplomate in cognitive-behavioral psychology.
  • Pamela Toll (Psychologist) – Dr. Pamela Toll is a Licensed Psychologist (FL #PY8613) assisting people to transition to a partly or totally plant-based lifestyle for their health.
  • Paul Diamond (Osteopathic Medicine) – Medical practitioner for over 30 years, and have transitioned my practice to advocating a healthy lifestyle along with plant-based nutrition.
  • Rodney Dunetz (Functional Medicine) – Dr. Dunetz specializes in functional medicine, a personalized approach to wellness that focuses on getting to the root cause of his patients’ health issues.

Boynton Beach

  • Jerry Ziffer (Acupuncturist) – Jerry Ziffer, LAc, Certified Nutrition and Health Coach, Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Acupuncture Physician.

Delray Beach

  • Kate Vazquez (Physician Assistant) – Passionate about helping women who want to get their bodies ready for pregnancy, optimizing their health during pregnancy, and postnatal to prevent the development of chronic disorders. 


  • Ankush Bansal (Internal Medicine) – Dr. Ankush Bansal, MD is a board-certified internal medicine hospitalist, telemedicine provider, consultant, and medical expert. He is licensed in 19 states.

Palm Beach Gardens

  • Joan Banijnath (Doctor, MD) – Dr. Joan Baijnath’s, MD, practice in Palm Beach Gardens represents the flagship office for eMDe Cares.

West Palm Beach

  • Tina Discepola (Functional Medicine) – Tina Discepola, MD is a board-certified physician and acupuncturist who has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine for over 20 years.
  • David Dodson (West Palm Beach) – David Dodson, MD is an Internist and Infectious Disease Specialist in West Palm Beach, FL. He has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell.
  • William Stager, DO (Osteopathic Medicine) – Dr. Bill Stager has BA (Philosophy) and MS (Anatomy) degrees from Rutgers University, an undergraduate OPP Fellowship and DO degree from NSUCOM in 1989, and MPH from ATSU in 2009.
  • Bonnie Mackey (Nurse Practioner) – PhD, Nurse Practitioner, Health Advocate-Educator™, IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Founder, and Director of MackeyHealth.