Karen Ellis Ritter presented a talk on Animal Rights at our February 2018 SoFlo Vegans Unite event at ArtServe.

Karen Ellis-Ritter is a passionate and tireless vegan educator, transition coach, writer, columnist, public speaker, workshop/curriculum developer, intersectional social justice advocate, and an animal rights activist.

In 2011, Karen co-founded Compassionate Farming Education Initiative (CFEI), a 501c3 vegan educational non-profit in southeast Florida (visit compassionatefarming.org). CFEI is committed to creating educated and empowered consumers, thereby shifting mass industry towards vegan, sustainable products – and ultimately, a global, plant-based (veganic) agriculture model. Karen believes that public outreach and vegan education is the key to creating a new ethics-based, conscious-consumer model. We vote with our dollars and our allocated spending shapes consumer demand!

In addition, she is a web/graphic designer and singer/songwriter for the band, Modern Day Alchemy.

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