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Nelly’s goal is to bring awareness to the importance of proper nutrition. We believe staying healthy is the foundation for happiness, learning and self-assurance. Good nutrition allows children and families to be resilient in the face of disease, disasters, and other global crises.

Elderberry, Vitamin C & Zinc is an exciting way of getting a great tasting, bioavailable elderberry that provides the immune support your family needs while not sacrificing the health of your teeth. While gummy vitamins are often a popular choice for kids, they do pose risks to your child’s oral health. Gummy vitamins, like gummy candy are sticky, contain sugar and can easily stick to your teeth which promotes tooth decay. Nelly products eliminate the sugar and the stickiness while delivering a supplement the whole family will love. Try our tasty elderberry drops today! nelly was created from a passion two Cuban American siblings had for education and nutrition. Maria’s adoration for a healthy diet needed to achieve happiness, learning and self-assurance is what drove her to start the company. Nelson’s aka “Nelly” an educator and college athlete impetus came from seeing first-hand the difference nutrition and exercise makes in a child. EEN (education, exercise and nutrition) are the fundamentals needed for change and what fuels the founders and team at nelly.

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South Florida, 100% Vegan

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