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SoFlo Vegans presents promotional opportunities in magazines, digital media, giveaway totes, print, and events. 

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Available Partner Promotions

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Member Promotion

Member Promotion

Ongoing Promotion
A unique promotion, discount, or giveaway offered to anyone wearing SoFlo Vegans Shirts, sweaters, face masks, and wristbands. Click the title to learn more about this opportunity.

FTL Artwalk

FTL Art Walk

May 29, June 26, July 31
Monthly showcase of vegan foods and information to a mixed crowd of current and future vegans. Click the title for more information and to claim your spot.

Veg Night Out

Veg Night Out

July 17, 2021
SoFlo Vegans is partnering up with Melissa Guzman from The Caribe Vegan to launch a 100% vegan night market in the downtown Fort Lauderdale, Mass District community.. Click the title for additional details.

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