SoFlo Vegans Unite!

SoFlo Vegans Unite is a monthly speakers series that provides a platform for leaders within our community to share valuable information with our audience, ranging on the topics of animal rights, health and wellness, and the environment. Join us as we present our first Animal Rights Panel at Vegan Fine Foods on December 12.

Animal Rights Panel

Our next SoFlo Vegans Unite event will be held at Vegan Fine Foods on Wednesday, December 12. Our theme is Animal Rights and we have a panel that includes Rachel Taylor (Animal Recovery Mission), Louda Gomez (Anonymous for the Voiceless), Jon Camp (The Humane League) and Susan Hargreaves (Animal Hero Kids). Our moderator for the evening will be Gabe Kortez, an active member of the animal rights community in South Florida.

Vegan Fine Foods
330 SW 2nd St Unit 102, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Wednesday, December 12 (6:30 – 9:00)

Featured Speakers

Rachel Taylor - Animal Recovery Mission (ARM)

Taylor is the Director of Public Relations with the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) – a vanguard animal defense organization based out of Miami, Florida. Her extensive experience as an animal cruelty investigator, an unwavering animal advocate and now as a public educator for ARM, has been gained from a broad spectrum of exposure over the last seven years spent with the organization.

In-hand with ARM’s animal cruelty investigations in the United States, Taylor has organized and been a major contributor in executing 11 animal seizures and rescues. She has also worked alongside ARM’s veterinarians in rehabilitating and treating the animals seized and transported to ARM’s Sanctuary, following the conclusion of the investigations.   

Louda Gomez - Anonymous for the Voiceless

Louda Gomez is an Animal Rights Activist in South Florida that’s passionate about spreading compassion. She was inspired to become an activist in 2016 and began attending Cube of Truth demonstrations almost every weekend. She eventually become an organizer for the Fort Lauderdale chapter.

Anonymous for the Voiceless is a worldwide organization that specializes in street activism, bringing the truth to the public through a professional and eye-catching demonstration called “Cube of Truth”. These demonstrations bring up great conversations about animal rights, health, and the environment. There’s over 700 chapters worldwide and still growing! We do Cube of Truth demonstrations in South Florida several times a month, if you’d like to join please find your local chapter at

Jon Camp - The Humane League

Jon Camp is the Vice President, Grassroots for The Humane League. Throughout 2004 – 2014, Jon traveled throughout North America, leafleting college campuses for Vegan Outreach. In this time, he personally leafleted over a million individuals at over 500 colleges and universities. In 2014, Jon was recognized for his contributions to grassroots animal advocacy by being inducted into the National Animal Rights Hall of Fame.

The Humane League is a nonprofit organization that works to reduce the suffering of farm animals through online advertising, Meatless Monday campaigns, and corporate outreach. It creates reports through the Humane League Labs, which evaluates advocacy presentation and methods and publishes them as reports.

Susan Hargreaves - Animal Hero Kids

Susan travels the world celebrating, courageous and compassionate action by kids and teens. She infuses Animal Hero Kids with the passion, wisdom, and determination acquired during a lifetime devoted to animal activism. By zeroing in on kindness education, Susan plays an essential role in supporting, encouraging and empowering youth to build a more compassionate world for all animals.

Animal Hero Kids’ dynamic volunteer executive director, Susan creates and presents interactive humane education programs around the globe. Each exciting presentation concludes with cruelty-free vegan fare. Her programs, which often showcase stories of outstanding acts of kindness by youth, have been featured extensively in national and international media.

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