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SoFlo Vegans Members

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Empowering leaders to take an active role in building the vegan community in South Florida.

  • Help South Florida become a global hotspot for vegans
  • Become an active part of the vegan community in South Florida
  • Build leadership skills and relationships
  • Invitation to special volunteer gatherings
  • Special discounts on events and merchandise

Volunteer Program and Committees

Committees Overview

Our committees focus in three general areas: Operations, Events, and Marketing. Each committee is managed by a captain. It is the captain’s responsibility to enroll volunteers in joining their committee and to ensure that all of the tasks necessary to keep our organization running efficiently are handled on a day to day basis.


Operations are broken into two subcommittees. This includes logistics and enrollment. Logistics handles overall operations, strategic partnerships, and fundraising. Enrollment is responsible for creating processes for recruitment and retention of our volunteers.



  • Fundraising
  • Business Strategy
  • Advisor: Sean


  • Volunteers
  • Program Recruitment: Members, Affiliates, Officers, Ambassadors
  • Advisor: Sean

Events focus on planning and management of all of our events. They get to work directly with the community to help spread awareness of our organization and to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and get a behind the scenes look at some of the great venues and experiences that South Florida has to offer.


  • Coordinating with speakers and sponsors
  • Setup of the room and venue
  • Organizing flow of the event
  • Captain: Emilia Lujuan

Marketing is comprised of two subcommittees, Promotion, and Content. We are looking for people interested in learning more about marketing and media production. Our captains will provide our volunteers with the necessary knowledge and instructions to be successful. So this committee is perfect for people just starting out with marketing, or looking for additional experience to add to their portfolio. We also welcome professionals interested in giving back to the community.



  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing: Newsletters, Email Blasts, etc.
  • Captain: Gavin Silverman


  • Web management
  • Editorial content
  • Captain: Gavin Silverman
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