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SoFlo Vegans Starter Pack

SoFlo Vegans Starter Kit

Purchase our official starter pack contains a shirt, wristband, mask, affiliate cards, and stickers.

Vegan 007

Vegan 007 - Licensed Not to Kill T-Shirt

Vegan 007 is licensed not to kill. Rock this latest design and blow your cover as a vegan secret agent. 50% of the profits from each sale goes to a charitable cause.

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SoFlo Vegans Store

SoFlo Vegans Store

Find our full selection of SoFlo Vegans shirts, hoodies, masks, stickers, and more.

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Plant-Beast Apparel Store

SoFlo Vegans is the official home of Plant-Beast Apparel. Click to see the full lineup of limited edition prints. 

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Claim special offers from our partners and affiliates. The list is continuing to grow, so check back often.

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SoFlo Vegans thrives on the support of our partners. Check them out and show them your support. See our full list of opportunities.

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SoFlo Vegans is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the vegan community in South Florida. Become a member today and help South Florida become a global hotspot for veganism.