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Raw Vegan Challenge

On March 26, 2017, I decided to challenge myself to achieve my two-year goal in 100 Days. This journey helped me finally launch the SoFlo Vegans website and resign as the District Webmaster of Broward County Public Schools. What this experience taught me was that...

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SoFlo Vegans Unite on November 30, 2017

SoFlo Vegans Unite brings together members of the plant-based community to share ideas, advice, and stories about becoming vegan. What started with just a handful of people sitting in a circle, has quickly transformed into a vehicle to bring business owners, vegans,...

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Vegfest Fort Lauderdale 2017

Watch behind the scenes coverage of VegFest Fort Lauderdale 2017. It was great meeting everyone that stopped by our booth. Stay tuned for more updates, video coverage and live events for the South Florida vegan...

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Vegan Thanksgiving Events in South Florida

Looking for something new, fun, and exciting to do around the Thanksgiving holiday? Weather you are vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based; here are some ideas for what to do with family and friends. Make the compassionate choice and keep turkeys off your plate by meeting...

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