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Our store features a mixture of official SoFlo Vegans gear and clothing from our partners. We are excited to carry items from the Plant beast Apparel and our affiliates. See the latest products added to the SoFlo Vegans Store.

  • Official SoFlo Vegans Hoodie

  • Official SoFlo Vegans T-Shirt

  • Quinoa

    Quinoa T-Shirt

  • Vegan Flag Face Mask

    Vegan Face Mask

  • Vegan Pride Starter Pack

    Vegan Face Mask Starter Pack

  • Vegan Flag Wristband

    Vegan Flag Wristband

  • SoFlo Vegans | Vegan Stickers

    Vegan Stickers | Official SoFlo Vegans Gear

  • Vegan Vixen

    Vegan Vixen


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SoFlo Vegans Store

Official SoFlo Vegans Gear

Find our full selection of SoFlo Vegans shirts, hoodies, masks, stickers, and more.

Plant Beast Apparel

Plant-Beast Apparel Store

SoFlo Vegans is the official home of Plant-Beast Apparel. Click to see the full lineup of limited edition prints. 

SoFlo Vegans Affiliates

Affiliate Offers

Claim special offers from our partners and affiliates. The list is continuing to grow, so check back often.

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SoFlo Vegans thrives on the support of our partners. Check them out and show them your support. See our full list of our partners.

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