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Load up your closet with vegan shirts to make a statement without saying a word.

SoFlo Vegans Starter Kit – Purchase our official starter pack contains a shirt, wristband, mask, affiliate cards, and stickers.

SoFlo Vegans Merchandise Our store features a mixture of official SoFlo Vegans gear and clothing from our partners.

Plant-Beast Apparel Store  Founded by Mark Hershkowitz, Plant-Beast Apparel is a popular clothing brand that promotes the vegan community.

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Join the following communities to connect with other vegans both online and at LIVE events. Registration is absolutely free.

Meetup – Join us where it all started. If you are already a member of Meetup, join our group to help our numbers grow.

Facebook Community – Join us on Facebook and engage with an active community of veg-friendly folks. 

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