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Dr. Michael Klaper

Dr. Michael Klaper

Dr. Michael Klaper is one of the most respected pioneers in the plant-based physician’s movement. He travels the country and provides lectures designed to inspire future generations of doctors to advocate for a whole food plant-based lifestyle. He joined us on the SoFlo Vegans Podcast.

Dr. Klaper is the author of Vegan Nutrition; Pure & Simple (no longer in print) and has produced numerous health videoswebinars and dozens of articles for both scientific journals and the popular press. As a source of inspiration advocating plant-based diets and the end of animal cruelty worldwide, Dr. Klaper contributed to the making of two PBS television programs, Food for Thought and the award-winning movie, Diet for a New America (based on the book of the same name). Dr. Klaper teaches that “Health Comes From Healthy Living” and he is dedicated to the healing and flourishing of all living beings and our planet.

Dr. Michael Klaper with SoFlo Vegans

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