SoFlo Vegans Promotion

Multiple promotional opportunities presented by SoFlo Vegans and our various partners.

Promotional Opportunities


  • Members of our community claim special discounts and promotions from your business simply by wearing our official t-shirt or vegan flag wristband.
  • Discount Promotional campaign targeted to over 25,000 South Florida residents each month.
  • Provided with SoFlo Vegans signage to display in-store.
  • Save $75 on 90-Day Campaign.
  • Locked-in rates if partner auto-renews.
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Business promoted on our partners’ page

Discount Promotional Pricing

It’s such a pleasure working with Sean and SoFLo Vegans again. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with them for a few years and once again were blessed to have them as a partner for Heal The Planet Day 2019. Everything they do is first class and very professional. Looking forward to working together with them in the future as we Heal The Planet Together. Ken Fisher

Founder, Heal the Planet

Toolbox Promotions

  • The Vegan Toolbox provides quick links to share with family and friends whenever you are asked for a recommendation.
  • Each landing page features 3-4 available advertising slots for your businesses.
  • View our toolbox for yourself
  • Cost: $100 for 30 days

Newsletter Promotions

  • The SoFlo Vegans Community Newsletter compiles articles, events, videos, contests, promotions and delivers it directly to your mailbox.
  • Each newsletter contains two slots for the logo and link of our advertisers.
  • Subscribe to start receiving our mailing list.
  • See examples of past emails
  • Pricing: 2,000 subscribers ($500), 5,000 Subscribers ($1,250), 10,000 subscribers ($2,500)

Affiliate Partnerships 

  • SoFlo Vegans will produce a quality event at your location tapping into our growing audience and over 22 years of experience.
  • Production of an event at your business location
  • Promotion to 2,000 email subscribers
  • A targeted social media campaign
  • Additional promotion through various media outlets
  • Professional media production showcasing your business
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