SoFlo Vegans Promotion

Multiple promotional opportunities presented by SoFlo Vegans and our various partners.

SoFlo Vegans Partnerships

  • Our reach reflects promotion to members of the vegan/plant-based community that live in South Florida.
  • Our audience is built through the creation and support of over 100+ events since our official launch in May 2017.
  • Funding supports local nonprofits, communities, and causes through our promotion and logistical support of events.
  • Pricing and packages are subject to change.
  • Promotions focused on South Florida.
  • Request additional information

Become a Partner

  • Provide a discount for our SoFlo Vegans Community.
  • Discount expires every 90 days and can be renewed at the end of this period.
  • Partners can change the promotion at any time using our private Affiliate Submission form.
  • Our members can redeem the discount by wearing a SoFlo Vegans T-Shirt, Vegan Flag Wristband and showing the discount to your staff from our website or mobile app.

TOTAL INVESTMENT – Discount for your goods or services

  • Prize raffles at our events, booths at conferences and festivals, and through online contests.
  • Promotion includes mentions to over 3,000 South Floridians.
  • Choose the Prize Sponsors option on our Vendor Registration.


  • Space for a 6-foot table at a SoFlo Vegans event
  • Promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and Newsletter
  • (2) Newsletter Posts
  • (1) Facebook Posts
  • (1) Instagram Posts
  • Vendor Registration


  • Featured listing in our newsletter, calendar, and partners section
  • (4) Newsletter Posts
  • (3) Facebook Posts
  • (3) Instagram Posts
  • (1) listing
  • 30-day promotion of one event
  • Event Registration


  • Featured affiliate listing in our partners and toolbox section
  • Video promo highlighting your affiliation
  • (3) Newsletter Posts
  • (3) Facebook Posts
  • (3) Instagram Posts
  • Promotion of specials and discounts on our site and newsletter
  • 90-day promotion
  • Affiliate Registration


  • Featured listing in our newsletter, calendar, and partners section
  • Creative digital content designed around your brand
  • Newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram Posts
  • Creative promotional mention in our podcast
  • Full-page ad in digital and printed Digest
  • Media sponsorship available
  • 90-day promotion


It’s such a pleasure working with Sean and SoFLo Vegans again. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with them for a few years and once again were blessed to have them as a partner for Heal The Planet Day 2019. Everything they do is first class and very professional. Looking forward to working together with them in the future as we Heal The Planet Together. Ken Fisher

Founder, Heal the Planet

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