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In order to make South Florida a global hotspot for veganism, we need to create original content, memorable experiences and continue to innovate in unheard of ways. This requires volunteers and funding. All member levels come with identical perks to put the focus on the community coming together to carry out our mission, doing all they can with what they have to lend their support.

Membership Levels

$10 / month
Access to Exclusive Content
Weekly “Insider” Newsletter and Podcast
Invitations to Special Events
$25 / 3 months
Access to Exclusive Content
Weekly “Insider” Newsletter and Podcast
Invitations to Special Events
$50 / 6 months
Access to Exclusive Content
Weekly “Insider” Newsletter and Podcast
Invitations to Special Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you become a member?

Soflo Vegans is dedicated to making South Florida a global hotspot for vegans. The majority of our content will be free for anyone interested and currently participating in a plant-based lifestyle. In order to operate our website, host events, produce our content, and promote our movement, we need to be able to generate revenue. This is where your membership comes into play. Your financial contribution as a member allows us to do this and continue to promote our content on social media and at events in our South Florida community.

How is SoFlo Vegans helping the vegan community?

We are creating events, workshops, seminars, digital content and developing opportunities for nonprofits, local businesses, and communities. Our goal is to support the vegan community and show the non-vegan community that it is easy to go vegan.

What are you going to be doing with these funds?

The funds raised from membership will be going towards paying for overhead expenses. This includes:

  • Server hosting and maintenance
  • Development of community programs
  • Marketing and promotional support for local nonprofits
  • Media Coverage of all vegan events in South Florida
  • Vending fees at festivals and expos
  • Securing global vegan leaders for South Florida events
  • Building awareness of our organization in print and digital publications
What other ways are you raising funds for your organization?

Memberships are just the most consistent method of raising funds. We will also:

  • Ticket sales
  • T-Shirt and wristband
  • Affiliate Program memberships
  • Private donations
How will I know that this money is being put to good use?

Our organization consists of an Advisor Board that is open for anyone interested in playing an active role in our community. Ideas are shared on a daily basis through What’s App. This includes the development of events, programs and strategic partnership. This is the best way for you to see how funds are being allocated and what’s being done to insure our success as an organization. The advisory board is open to any and all Official Members.

How do you plan to raise awareness for Soflo Vegans?

We will raise awareness by promoting our content and driving traffic back to our website. All of the content we create is designed to make Soflo Vegans a household name. This way when someone is trying to help someone that is struggling with being vegan, they can point them to our growing catalog of articles, videos and podcasts that can provide advice and motivation. Additionally, we will promote heavily using Facebook, Google, Instagram and by hosting booths at large events in the South Florida area.

What are some other ways to support Soflo Vegans?

Other than becoming a member, you can support us in the following ways:

  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and, Twitter and then like and share our posts
  • Tell your friends about our membership so we can continue to make South Florida a global hotspot for vegans
  • Attend vegan events in South Florida by visiting our calendar of events
  • Participate in our surveys so we can learn more about the community that we serve (Coming Soon)
Do you support any nonprofit organizations?

Our commitment to the vegan community goes beyond just creating content and hosting events. We are passionate about supporting other organizations that align with our goals. To this end, we provide our time and support to several nonprofit organizations that help animals, the environment and provide education to children in the South Florida community. These organizations include:

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