About Us

Soflo Vegans wants to make South Florida a global hotspot for vegans. This means working to document the work of nonprofit organizations, local and national businesses, plant based clubs and individuals. As you can imagine, this is a major undertaking that requires the cooperation of multiple people. Here’s how you can become involved with Soflo Vegans.

Become a Member

Engage With Us

From the comfort of your own home, you can like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Meetup.com. After you like and follow us, be sure to like and share our posts. The more people see our content, the closer we become to reaching our goal of making South Florida a global hotspot for vegans.

Partner or Become a Member

In order to help fund our project, we’ve developed two main revenue sources. One is targeted to local businesses and the other individuals that follow our content. The goal is to continue to build and develop value for all of our community. The funds we receive go directly towards web hosting, production, venue rentals and general promotion. It will also allow us to scale our operation to reach more events in your area.

Attend Events

We’ve built a calendar that highlights plant based events in South Florida. Your support encourages more and more people to show up each and every time. Even if you’re the only person attending, showing up is a big part of getting any movement going.


You’ve followed us on social media, attended our events and even became a member or sponsor. The most impactful way to help us reach our goal is to volunteer on one of our committees. Our committees consist of the following projects. The numbers indicate the amount of members on the committee.

Our Goals

Our mission is to help turn South Florida into a global hotspot for vegans. We will do this by taking our background in media production and marketing to provide media and live events to both vegan and non-vegans in our community. The funding that we receive from our members and partners are distributed in the following ways.

  • Articles 10%
  • Podcast 20%
  • Live Events 20%
  • Video Projects 40%
  • Digital Publications 10%

Supporting Nonprofits

We’ve partnered with the nonprofit Animal Hero Kids to offer media and marketing support. Member contributions allow us to allocate time and resources to helping this organization foster empathy and kindness in children and teens by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals.

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