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SoFlo Vegans is a community dedicated to helping South Florida become a global hotspot for vegans. We stand for joy, compassion, and connection and carry out our vision by producing articles, videos, and podcasts for anyone interested in the vegan movement. We also produce weekly events in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas.

How to Support SoFlo Vegans
  • Patreon – The number 1 way you can support SoFlo Vegans is by becoming a patron on Patreon. As a supporter, you will gain access to exclusive content, special discount codes and behind the scenes updates about what’s happening in our vegan community. Your contributions help SoFlo Vegans cover their overhead expenses and continue our work towards helping South Florida become a global hotspot for veganism.
  • Volunteer – Join our committee and help our community continue to grow by volunteering for events and provide feedback for new and developing initiatives. Receive special discounts to events and on merchandise as a special thank you for your service to our mission. We connect both on Whatsapp (Contact Us to be Added) and Facebook under the SoFlo Vegans Committee Closed Group.
  • Facebook – Like our page and join our communities on Facebook. Also, support our posts and events and help us increase views and attendance by liking, sharing and commenting. We also manage the Social Vegans of South Florida group, so join and share your events
  • Instagram – Follow us on Instagram and like and comment on our posts. Send us a DM if you would like to work with us to host an event, volunteer or add your website to our growing toolkit. We are looking for vegan businesses, bloggers, podcasters or anyone that supports our community to showcase on our site.
  • Meetup – Join us on meetup and RSVP for our event. SoFlo Vegans started unofficially as a community on Meetup back in 2015. Right now we are one of the largest vegan communities on the platform. Help us continue our growth.
  • Twitter – Follow us, like and retweet our posts. Send us a message as well and let us know about your vegan journey. Think of our Twitter page as a way to connect with our team and ask questions that would benefit the community at large.
Media Mentions
  • Spectrum Realty Group (May 2018) – SoFlo Vegans is featured in an article about why Miami is a top choice for vegans.
  • Live Ultimate (May 2018) – SoFlo Vegans founder, Sean Russell is interviewed by Bryan the Botanist and Live Ultimate.
  • Vegan Fine Foods (April 2018) – SoFlo Vegans founder Sean Russell wrote a guest blog post about the opening of Vegan Fine Foods.
  • Food Proof Podcast (Feb 2018) –  The Food Proof podcast interviewed the founder of SoFlo Vegans about running a plant-based business and community.
  • Miami Chronicles (Feb 2018) – Miami Chronicles covered our Dr. Will Tuttle lecture that was held at Vegan Fine Foods on Saturday, February 3, 2018.
  • Ola’pi Creative (Jan 2018) – Ola’pi Creative speaks with SoFlo Vegans Founder, Sean Russell about the growing vegan movement in South Florida.
  • Panther Now (September 2017) – Florida International University featured an article about SoFlo Vegans founder, Sean Russell. This interview was featured in their magazine and is available on their PantherNow website.
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