SoFlo Vegans Directory

The SoFlo Vegans Directory features a listing of restaurants, doctors, cookbooks, and other important resources for anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle. More directories are in the works so check back frequently to see what’s new.

Local Vegan Business Directory

100% Vegan Restaurants
South Florida Restaurants

Popular vegan and veg-friendly restaurants in South Florida.

Bomb Cookies
Miami-Dade Restaurants

Vegan and Veg-Friendly restaurants in Miami-Dade.

Green Bar & Kitchen
Broward Restaurants

Vegan and Veg-Friendly restaurants in Broward.

Pure Vegan Cakes
Palm Beach Restaurants

Vegan and Veg-Friendly restaurants in Palm Beach County.


Find a complete listing of local vegan bakeries that offer vegan baked goods.

Veg-Friendly Restaurants
Veg-Friendly Restaurants

Restaurants serving veg-friendly options.

The New Vegan
Black-owned Businesses

A list of Black-owned vegan businesses both in South Florida.

Latin Restaurants
Latin-owned Businesses

A list of Latin-owned vegan businesses both in South Florida.

Juice Bar
Juice Bars

Find a list of vegan and veg-friendly juice bars in South Florida.

Food Trucks
Food Trucks

The following are food trucks in South Florida that offer vegan items.

Counter Culture
Food Brands

Find a list of alternative meat and dairy products, supplements, and more.

Media Directory

Vegan Podcast

Subscribe to different vegan podcasts from around the globe.

Vegan Documentary

Browse through a list of vegan documentaries and films.

Directory Cookbooks
Vegan Cookbooks

Browse through a list of vegan cookbooks to make your next kitchen masterpiece.

Mobile Apps
Vegan Mobile Apps

Browse through a list of vegan mobile apps that are available on most smart devices.

People Directory

Fitness Experts
Fitness Experts

Nutritionists, body builders, and athelets.

Vegan Doctors

A listing of doctors from around the globe and South Florida.

Vegan Activists
Vegan Activists

Community activists from around the globe.

Media Professionals
Creative Professionals

Directors, Podcasters, media producers and more.

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